Aline d'Ambricourt

Aline d'Ambricourt jouant le clavecin Ruckers (1632-1745) du Musée d'Art et d'Histoire de Neuchâtel (Suisse) 


A short Film on the historical harpsichord Ruckers at the Museum of Art and History in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) has been produced in 2017 with UPRHProduction on the harpsichord  "Ruckers" (1632/1745) owned by the Museum of Art and History of Neuchâtel (Switzerland).

It will be edited in 2019. 


Film Direction with Fabien Didelot, Thomas Goux 


Sponsors: S.I.G (Geneva) & City of Neuchâtel (CH)

Partnership: Museum of Art and History of Neuchâtel (CH)


Film documentary (52') "Domenico Scarlatti l'Intemporel" (2007)


Broadcast on (2016)

Broadcast on (2017)

This film presents a portrait of Scarlatti (Naples 1685- Madrid 1757) through an interpretation of Sonatas on keyboards from a variety of periods, played by Anne Chasseur (organ), Michel Kiener (fortepiano), Cyprien Katsaris (piano) and Aline d'Ambricourt (harpsichords), and interviews with Jean-Michel Renard (Collector and Expert), Professor Dean Stucliffe (Doctor in Musicology), Christopher Clarke (Fortepiano Maker), Andreas Beurmann and Olaf Kirsch (Curator at the Museum of Art of Hamburg). 

It represents a unique filmed testimony regarding the exceptional collection from Beurmann at the Museum of Art of Hamburg.

Sonata K.27, harpsichord Taskin 1787

Sonata K.141, harpsichord Taskin 1787

Sonata K.216, harpsichord Kirkman 1766

Sonata K.208, spinet Hitchcock 1729

Sonata K.29, harpsichord Polizzino 1634, Roma

Sonata K.322, forte piano Walter 1790, by Christopher Clarke

Sonata K.470, piano Erard 1880 

Sonata K.302, Organ Abbey Church Tournus (France)

Sonata K.159, played at the harpsichord, organ, fortepiano and piano 


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2015:  Cercle Munster, Luxembourg 

2014: Concert during the Festival of Theater of the Château de Coppet (Geneva), with Laurent Croizier (Director of Communication and Development of the Opera of Bordeaux) and Aline d'Ambricourt

2013: Relais-Château Grand Hotel du Lac (Vevey) with Viviana Sofronitsky, Gilles Cantagrel and Aline d'Ambricourt

 Presentation of the the early keyboard music instruments: harpsichord and forte piano 


2012: During the Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris, Aline d'Ambricourt has given a concert at the Hotel Bristol with two historical harpsichords: by Giovanni Pietro Polizzino (Roma, 17 century) from the ancient collection Alain Vian and by Guillaume Hemsch (Paris 1765-1766). 


         Château de Versailles 

                      Clavecin Ruckers